What Is A Bluetooth Headset NFC Function
- Nov 30, 2017 -

NFC is an acronym for English near Field communication, or short-range wireless communication technology. Developed by Philips and Sony, it is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology that allows for close-range wireless communication between devices such as mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and smart controls.

NFC provides a simple, touch-controlled solution that allows consumers to simply exchange information, access content, and services. In the Wireless headset field NFC is more used in pairing and recognition between devices and devices, not as a transmission of audio data.

In the field of Bluetooth headset, NFC is the easiest and fastest way to match, showing NFC-enabled handsets close to the NFC side of the headset, and the headset will automatically boot into the pairing state. If the handset and the earphone are not paired, the handset and the earphone will automatically pair and connect, if the handset and the earphone match, the earphone will connect the handset automatically. But not all Bluetooth headphones have this function, and even with this function, if the mobile phone does not support the NFC function, it is not used, only the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset have such a function to achieve.