The Use Distance Of Bluetooth Headset
- Nov 30, 2017 -

bluetooth headset Use distance: not only depending on the headset

Another important point of the Bluetooth headset is the transmission distance, which is independent of the Bluetooth version and depends on the Bluetooth technology Powerclass. Most mobile phones and mobile devices use a PowerClass2, standard transmission distance of 10 meters, while the upgraded POWERCLASS1 is to increase the transmission distance to 100 meters, both versions support the $literal Stereo transmission protocol, can be connected with stereo headphones. Generally speaking, the phone and Bluetooth headset distance will not be too far, if there is no big obstacle in the middle of 7 meters transmission quality is very good, more than 8 meters will appear breakpoint! More than 10 meters will lose connection between Bluetooth devices.

According to the actual sense of use, the distance between the handset and the Bluetooth headset, and the call noise is proportional; In addition, the use of stereo Bluetooth headphones to enjoy music, also do not distance from the phone too far, otherwise prone to intermittent phenomenon. There are many consumers at any time the Bluetooth headset hanging on the ear, so the shape has become the basic conditions; but each person's ear shape is different, the user must try to wear the comfort degree before buying, then decides to purchase; the person who wears the eyeglasses more need to notice, many Bluetooth earphone's hanging ear part will conflict with the eyeglasses leg, must try to bring only then to know.