The Influence Of Loudspeaker Vibrating Film On The Quality Of Headphones
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Effect of different vibrating film on the quality of headphones

(1) Vibrating film Material:

Different material vibrating film has different characteristics, and these different characteristics, but also causes the earphone horn different characteristic. such as high stiffness and high elasticity of the diaphragm, has a good transient, sensitivity, frequency response and so on.

(2) Vibrating film Size:

The larger the size of the bass will be better, the smaller the size of the φ3mm-6mm, medium and high frequency sound will be better.

(3) Vibrating film Thickness: Under the maximum vibration capacity, the thinner the diaphragm thickness, the better the low frequency sound emitted by the horn.

(4) Vibrating film surface pattern: A lot of surface patterns, and a variety of patterns are mainly used to increase the vibration of the vibrating film and effective radiation area, the deeper the lines, the more clear the frequency of headphones.