The 2018 HK Spring Electronics Fair
- May 10, 2018 -

The 2018 HK spring Electronics Fair in Hongkong is over. I wonder if you have the time to patronize it.

3900 booths of mobile electronics, gifts and housewares.

The continuous pursuit of quality life has made consumers more demanding for electronic products. High brand value and high quality, the products of big brands are more and more favored by consumers. 

In the Firo exhibition area, the visitors to the exhibition can not only experience the Bluetooth headset and the new products (True wireless earphonepersonally, but also the professional and technical staff to explain the features of the products on the spot, and compare the advantages of the products.


The exhibition not only brings together the customers around the world, but also attracts a lot of new partners, which has further promoted the popularity of the Bluetooth headset in the industry. Firo received more than 500 new and old customers, and further expanded in the expansion of the global layout.