In The Future We Have FIRO In Our Hands
- Apr 13, 2018 -

FIRO, Guangzhou FIRO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was created by a group of young people coming from XINJIE, xiaomi +360 system, Li Da. Founded on October 2014, is an intelligent audio equipment manufacturer, focusing on creating high intelligence, high quality, extremely cool audio equipment to connect the human feeling and future technology company.

FIRO follows the service concept of WAITER and takes a “Yang(Young)” business attitude to truly achieve “take you to change”. FIRO is a combination of “FLY and ROAD”, meaning a brand that runs on the road with a dream.

FIRO, to take care of the consumer as its brand spirit, to make the product simpler and more practical as the existence of value, to make a user amazing product and to change people's lifestyle as the mission, this is what we are -FIRO.

Guangzhou FIRO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Excellent quality

We control the quality of our products with international standards


First-class products

We provide customers with high value products.


Sincere service

We exchange enthusiastic and sincere service for customers satisfaction.


Accurate delivery, perfect after-sales service, meticulous user training, sincere and enthusiastic orders and returns

Solve customer complaints within three days

The qualified rate of product is 97%

Come and contact us, Firo will not let you down.