FIRO Bluetooth Headset Is Officially Sold At The Apple Store
- May 26, 2018 -

Founded in Guangzhou, FIRO follows the service concept of WAITER and takes a “Yang(Young)” business attitude to truly achieve “take you to change”. FIRO is a combination of “FLY and ROAD”, meaning a brand that runs on the road with a dream.


Developing markets of 95 countries around the world and set up distributors.


Developing markets of 95 countries around the world


Registered trademarks in 32 countries around the world


In 2017, FIRO was awarded the national high and new technology enterprise, trademarks registration of 26 European countries , many qualification patents and so on.

And now, we are still on the way. We have our Bluetooth headset sold at the Apple store. They are highly praised by many of the customers from all over the world. 


Are youlooking forward to have a look of our Bluetooth headset? We warmly welcome you.Please coming!