Bluetooth Pairing
- Nov 30, 2017 -

1, for the first time, try to make the headset charge 2-4 hours or so, after 2 hours to charge, the manual is also said, it is best not to exceed 4 hours, and some forums must be filled 24 hours is not According to that, such a small headset, charge 24 hours, some too exaggerated.

2, click the phone settings Bluetooth settings, select "open" to complete. This opens up the phone's Bluetooth support.

3, the Bluetooth headset is turned off, press and hold the multi-function button MFB headphone more than 3 seconds until the blue light indicator on the headset (1, attention is always on, the pairing process is always on, not flashing or off 2, there are some The device is alternately flashing red and blue), Bluetooth headset at this time has been found in the state.

4, open the Bluetooth option on the phone, to find, after the successful search to the headset will be displayed on the list of Bluetooth headset name and model, click confirm.

5, enter the password on the phone (usually 0000), there are some no password, the headphone indicator flashes quickly, that is, the pairing is successful.

6, click the Bluetooth headset name item: MOTOROLA HS850, open, select the binding. Complete, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset. At this moment, the mobile phone may have a "Ding Dong" beep sound like "usb" connected. When the bluetooth headset is turned off, the mobile phone may also have a similar prompt sound, so that it can determine whether the Bluetooth earphone and the mobile phone are properly connected.