Bluetooth Headset Specifications
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Bluetooth Headset Specifications: HSP, HFP, $literal

As for the choice of Bluetooth headset, because of the many brands of mobile phones and headphones, the most troubling consumer is the compatibility between mobile phone and Bluetooth headset. The manufacturer noted that the Bluetooth headset has a headsetpro-file (HSP), Handfreeprofile (HFP) and $literal three specifications, and HSP provides the basic functionality needed for communication between a mobile phone and a headset. Handfreeprofile (HFP) has added some extensions to the Headsetpro-file (HSP) to control the mobile phone from the Bluetooth headset by securing the car hands-free device. $literal (Advanced Audio Transmission Specification) – allows stereo audio signals to be transmitted. (The quality is much better compared to mono-channel encryption for HSP and HFP). Determine the compatibility of headphones with mobile phones.

One of the HFP format Bluetooth headset support cell phone function is more complete, consumers can simultaneously operate on the headset on the phone set up a good redial, call reservations, calls refused to listen to the hands-free option function. To Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Qcy and other large manufacturers launched Bluetooth headset as an example, almost all in support of the HFP format, sent the United States is also supporting HFP and HSP, consumer procurement should pay special attention.