Bluetooth Headset Advantages And Disadvantages
- May 25, 2018 -


1. Portable features: With the portability of wireless devices, while professional Bluetooth headsets such as redial, call reservations and refusal to listen and other functions, more powerful than the wired headset.

2.  Hands free: You can free your hands to do other things, eliminating the shackles of the wiring, you can answer the phone while continuing to do things.

3. Be conducive to people's health: Within an acceptable range, place the phone on a bag or desk, away from the human body.

4. Drive more safely: It can realize wireless hands-free function, it is very convenient to drive incoming calls and listen to music.


1. Uncomfortable to wear for a long time: Long-term use headphones to listen to the phone or music, the auditory nerve stimulation of eardrum is relatively large.

2. The general stability of wear:In terms of stability and portability, it cannot be used in most environments, and there are many cases where the signal is unstable.

3. Practical button: The button is small, You must press to answer the call. Sometimes the button will not work. Even if you press several times, you cannot answer the phone.

4. Not suitable for listening to high-quality music: At this stage the wireless transmission capability is basically ok, and the sound quality and endurance capacity still has a lot of room for improvement.