Bluetooth Headset
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Bluetooth headset is the application of Bluetooth technology on the headset, so that users can exempt from annoying wires, comfortable in various ways easy to talk. Since the advent of Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the business community to improve efficiency.

Bluetooth is a low-cost large-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. Bluetooth notebook computer, is a Bluetooth wireless communication function of the notebook. The name of Bluetooth is also a legendary story. Ad 10th century, the Nordic hegemony, the King of Denmark came forward, in his tireless efforts, the bloody war was stopped, all sides sat at the negotiating table. Through communication, the princes to animosity, become friends. Because the Danish king loves to eat blue plum, so that the teeth are dyed blue, called the Bluetooth king, so, Bluetooth has become a synonym for communication. Today, 1000 years later, when the new wireless communication Code is introduced, people use Bluetooth to name it. 1995, Ericsson first proposed Bluetooth concept. The Bluetooth specification uses the microwave frequency band work, transmits the rate 1M bytes per second, the maximum transmission distance 10 meters, by increases the transmitting power to reach 100 meters. Bluetooth technology is a global open, with a very good compatibility around the world, the world can be connected through low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.