What Bluetooth headset wear
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Earbuds Bluetooth headset

Advantages: Because no complicated cavity design, most of these earphones are compact and easy to carry, relatively low development costs, the headset is generally not expensive, suitable for mass consumption, the market was the mainstream consumer products.

Disadvantages: It's open structure, leading to the prevalence of missed sound headphones. And open design sound insulation is not ideal, in the noise environment, the headset sound quality is not very clear, so many people are accustomed to adjusting the volume, which will inevitably cause varying degrees of damage to the ear. In addition, the earbud style headphones just plug in the ear canal, ear and ear fit is not very close, the use of the process prone to headphone drop problem.

Earbuds Bluetooth headset

Advantages: From a practical point of view, the ear and in-ear ear combination is a trend, in-ear headphones into the ear canal and its close fit, so good sound insulation, and with the ear hook to wear more stable, in addition to rich headphones The exposed structure also enhances the wearer's temperament.

Disadvantages: First of all, is the noise caused by the security issues, walking on the road can not listen too much music. Second, the problem of cleaning, earplugs from time to time if not clean, breeding a large number of bacteria will induce a variety of ear diseases; earplugs if inappropriate or ergonomic design of the headset is not the case, the earbuds frequently come in and out of easy to scratch the ear canal. In addition, the ear hanging Bluetooth headset is not suitable for wearing glasses.