How to choose a high-fidelity Bluetooth headset
- Nov 30, 2017 -

1, first look at the chip, because the chip is the most critical part of the signal transmission rate, the chip is good, fast signal transmission, the headset generally does not appear the call, listen to songs Caton and so on, and the chip also to some extent affect the headset Of the life time. From the current market point of view, some of the high-end Bluetooth headset most of the brand CSR chip is used.

2, to see if the headset supports A2DP Bluetooth audio transmission protocol, if the headset does not support the A2DP protocol, which means that the headset is played out mono sound quality, not suitable for listening to songs, so most of the headphones are business models single headset .

3, to see if the headphone chip with DSP digital noise reduction and CVC echo processing function, CSR 8645 chips currently used in high-end headphones as an example, its own DSP digital noise reduction and CVC6.0 echo processing technology, the same in other Under the conditions of the headset with its chip solution is indeed better than the sound quality of other chip solutions.