Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation
- May 17, 2018 -

Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

Bluetooth headset has radiation, but radiation is very small

1. Authority testing

A group consisting of experts from the World Health Organization, IEEE, etc. conducted tests. The test found that the radiation output power of Bluetooth products was only 1 milliwatt, which was one millionth of the power used by microwave ovens, and was one thousandth of the power of mobile phones (cell phones). In one part, moreover, only a small part of these outputs are absorbed by the body.

2.  radiation value is extremely low, pregnant women can also use

Simply put, the radiation value of the Bluetooth headset is only a few tenths of the mobile phone, and it can be almost ignored. It belongs to the radiation exempting inspection product, and it is a  green way to use mobile phone. Bluetooth's radiation to the human body is more green and safe than direct phone calls and trials of traditional wired headsets. Both children and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

3. Bluetooth headset can effectively avoid cell phone radiation

The use of a Bluetooth headset does not eliminate radiation from the phone, but it is like a bullet-proof vest. Using a Bluetooth headset is like putting on a bullet-proof vest. With its protection, when using a mobile phone, it is possible to block radiant bullets outside the human body, thereby avoiding the various possible harms that the mobile phone may pose to the human body.