Bluetooth headset what type of wear
- Nov 30, 2017 -

1. ear mononers:

Advantages: Many of these Bluetooth headset to the business section of the single-ear style, compact form factor is more focused, easy to carry, easy to control, technically more mature. Manufacturing costs are relatively low, many financial strength is not strong headset manufacturers like to produce a class of Bluetooth headset products.

In-ear business Bluetooth headset

Disadvantages: Because it is in-ear, prolonged wear inevitably lead to varying degrees of pain in the ear canal, and easy to fall, the overall waterproof performance is not good, in addition, a single ear is not suitable for listening to music.

For the crowd: business people, people wearing glasses and drivers and other groups.

2, hanging ears

Advantages: This type of Bluetooth headset to sports-based, affordable, diverse shapes, use a variety of ways, most of the price in the mid-priced image appears in the market. Its more comfortable to wear than the ear is also more difficult to fall, and waterproof performance is better (some can do IPX7 waterproof standards), sports and business and leisure can be used, the market is the best Bluetooth headset.

After hanging into the ear movement Bluetooth headset

Disadvantages: ear hanging, bigger than the average, more storage space.

For the crowd: athletes, music enthusiasts, business people.