Bluetooth headset type
- Apr 02, 2018 -

1. Mono ear

Monaural Bluetooth headsets are mostly wireless compact styles that can be worn directly on the ear. The main function is to answer and hang up calls, and can be used to control the volume adjustment.Some models of monaural headphones also have dual mic, three mic, etc. to achieve multi-microphone noise cancellation algorithm processing technology.

2. Stereo

The stereo Bluetooth headset is based on the mobile phone supporting the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol. Only the mobile phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol, you can connect stereo Bluetooth headphones to enjoy music. Stereo Bluetooth headset with neck hanging, headset, clips, eyes and other styles, and the neck hanging and clips are wired Bluetooth headset, the main function in addition to hanging up the phone, you can also directly enjoy the music, at the same time, part of the stereo Bluetooth The headset also has a liquid crystal display, which not only makes it easy to see the caller's number, but also has the ability to display song names and lyrics.

3. NFC Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headset supports the NFC function. Pairing the Bluetooth headset with the NFC-enabled mobile phone requires only one touch, and the paired connection can be realized without the traditional cumbersome pairing process.

4. Functioluetooth Headset

For example: solar bluetooth headset, bone conduction bluetooth headset, necklace type bluetooth headset and so on.