Bluetooth headset purchase
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Quality of products

Buy a Bluetooth headset should pay more attention to product quality and performance, such as battery life, the level of radiation and so on. The general poor quality or less quality Bluetooth headset, out of cost control, whether in the work, or materials can not be guaranteed, the product quality is poor, the actual use of functional data vary greatly, and the radiation is high.

conversation quality

Because the call quality is a basic parameter to measure the quality of a Bluetooth headset, in general, the Bluetooth headset with a rod design is better than other types of products because its microphone is closer to the mouth.

Standby time

Because this is the same as the daily use of mobile phones, headphones longer standby time, you can avoid the trouble of frequent charging, which is a measure of the performance of Bluetooth headset standards.

Wear comfort

People's ears are more delicate, if the earphone earloop material is not good, or there are some flaws in the design, after wearing a long time, it will have the feeling of discomfort. Therefore, before buying should be carefully checked, choose the ear shape for your Bluetooth headset.