Bluetooth headset maintenance
- May 28, 2018 -

1. Before putting the Bluetooth headset in your pocket or bag, turn off the headset first to avoid pressing the Bluetooth headset function key outside;

2. Do not expose the Bluetooth headset to liquids or damp places.

3. do not use abrasive solvents to clean the Bluetooth headset;

4. do not put the Bluetooth headset in a very high or very low temperature, the best storage environment is -10 degrees to +60 degrees, otherwise it will affect the Bluetooth headset life;

5. Do not expose the Bluetooth headset to an open flame to avoid the risk of explosion.

6. Do not touch the bluetooth headset with a sharp object. It will cause scratches or damage.

7. Do not insert anything into the Bluetooth headset, which will damage the internal components;

8. do not try to decomposition of headphones 

9. If you do not use the Bluetooth headset for a long time, please ensure that it is placed in a dry place. If it is left for more than one month, it should be charged on time to ensure the working performance of the battery and Bluetooth headset;

10, Bluetooth headset away from the temperature change and dusty place.