Bluetooth Headset Harm
- May 24, 2018 -

1. From the radiation point of view, the Bluetooth headset radiation is only eight hundredth of mobile phones, even lower than the radiation used by the general wired headset. So in terms of radiation, the Bluetooth headset is safe.

2. From the headset point of view, long-term wear headphones, excessive volume will have some damage to the human ear hearing, therefore, do not use the headset for a long time and high volume.

However, as far as the headphones themselves are concerned, wearing them for a long time has some damage to the body. Long-term use of headphones to answer the phone or music, because the eardrum and the headset vibration plate is very close, the sound wave transmission range is small and concentrated, the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing abate, hard of hearing and so on; if continuous listening Even a few or even a dozen hours, sudden deafness may occur. Earplugs can cause chronic irritation to the external ear canal, causing inflammation of the ear; in addition, wearing headphones for too long, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, but also not conducive to health.

Therefore, you should avoid using the headset for a long time. Bluetooth is no exception. For example, you use it intermittently and the sound cannot be too loud,  just you can hear it. Don't listen in places where people are noisy, you will increase the volume because of unclear listening. It is recommended to wear only one headphones and listen to the other ear for a period of time, this will reduce the impact on hearing.