Bluetooth headset charging
- Nov 30, 2017 -

First of all, to choose a suitable charger. Because the general Bluetooth headset has a dedicated charger, if there is no dedicated charger, you can directly find the charging port (some are small hole, and some MiniUSB common interface) the same, and the rated output power is the same charger.

Second, the general Bluetooth headset charging time remain within 2 hours just fine, because the charging time is too long will lead directly to the aging of the circuit board or even burn out, there will be all kinds of inexplicable machine failure, such as standby Shorten the time, often disconnected, call shorten the distance, unable to boot and other issues. So, for your Bluetooth headset, give them a proper charge time.

Then, the plug should be plugged into all charging, do not just insert more than half of this long-term use will cause damage to the Bluetooth headset. Of course, unplugged the plug, the action not so big, so rude, to be gentle, or long time such a plug, plug will lead to loose.

Then, when the Bluetooth headset connected to the power supply, start charging, the Bluetooth headset on the red light long light, indicating that it is charging. If the charge is completed, the indicator will turn blue, then you can remove the charger.