Analysis and Troubleshooting of the Most Common Faults of Bluetooth Headsets
- May 29, 2018 -

1, Bluetooth headset can not charge

Answer A: If it is idle for a long time, it takes about 20 minutes to activate the Bluetooth headset battery.

Answer B: The Bluetooth headset or one of the chargers has been damaged. You can find out the problem after connecting the device and testing it.

2, Bluetooth headset can not be paired with the phone connection

Answer A: Please confirm that the steps are correct.

Answer B: The Bluetooth headset is not compatible with your phone. For example, a mobile phone with a Bluetooth version of 1. 1 cannot be used with a Bluetooth 2.0 headset.

3, Bluetooth headset and mobile phone is always disconnected after the connection

Answer A: The Bluetooth headset is running out of power and you need to charge the Bluetooth headset as soon as possible.

Answer B: The compatibility of Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones is not very good. The Bluetooth signals transmitted by mobile phones cannot be well received by the headset. Once the headset and the mobile phone are separated from each other or if the distance is a bit farther, the headset is automatically disconnected and then shut down automatically.

4, Bluetooth headset can not listen to music

Answer A: At present, many new mobile phones can only support stereo Bluetooth headsets, which have built-in A2DP function. If you still use monaural headphones, you won't be able to listen to songs on your phone.

Answer B: The Bluetooth version of the phone is relatively low and does not support Bluetooth to transmit audio. Basically, the phones that came out before 2005 did not have the function of playing Bluetooth songs.

Answer C: Some phones can listen to monaural or binaural Bluetooth stereo headphones, but hear mono music. These phones are capable of stereo functionality through the addition of a Bluetooth player.